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Book The Time — You will need to book a full day planning session outside of your business. If you are telling yourself this, that is a huge warning sign and part of the problem.

10 Steps to Successful Goal Setting

Consider all elements of your business from the physical space, menu offerings, sales and profits, to the quality of your staff and staff retention. What would need to change, improve, and stay the same? Have some fun with this exercise and honestly visualize your business in the future. What are your sales and profits, think about your staff and team, consider your location or locations, what is different with your menu, and who are your customers? What Must We Achieve to Claim a Success — Based on answering the questions above take the time to align one clear goal that when achieved, would allow you to celebrate with your team at the end of How could you have only one goal?

Trust me, and trust the exercise, as those that are laser focused have the best chance of success.

Accept What Is — Give yourself permission to accept that you cannot get it all done right now. Allowing yourself to let things go is the first step towards focusing on what matters most. Break Down Your Current Week Task and Time — Each member of your ownership or management team should take the time to list each of their core tasks and responsibilities week-to-week and beside each task, include the amount of time they spend on it each week.

For most of you, that list will be long and the hours will add up to significantly more than 50 or 60 hours.

The hardest for most is when they complete the list, they see that the tasks that will help them achieve their 1 goal are not given the time needed or are missing from the list all together. What are you going to start doing, what are your going to stop doing all together or delegate to someone else, and what are your going to continue doing as is or continue doing but find ways to reduce the time required to become more efficient.

Daily Meeting — 10 minutes Weekly Meeting — hours Monthly Strategy Meeting — Full Day Quarterly Off-site — 2 Days If you would like more info on the meeting rhythm, possible meeting agendas and keys to running successful meetings email me at matt. How will your staff celebrate great behavior on a daily basis? Build a Score board that is posted in your operation that allows everyone to know if you are winning or losing in relation to your one ultimate goal, or any related goals.

How often do you get the whole team together in a social setting to celebrate yourselves and your goals?

The holiday party does not count! Put together a social calendar for monthly, or at least quarterly events that bring everyone together to celebrate your successes. Do you qualify for the 60 Minute Coaching Session?

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3 Absolute Musts To Be Successful At Goal-Setting

Bring your own lunch, and skip the Starbucks, and there you go! You want to travel, buy a house, go on vacation, send your kid to college, build a shelter for animals, whatever it is? Break it down. I promise, it will be much more motivational to save those extra bucks per day than just trying to work against a huge number. I basically requires you to set a minimum based on reality of your past achievements , target slightly beyond what you know you can accomplish , and outrageous what you know you cannot achieve.

If you typically sell 5 products per day, your minimum would be 5, target could be 7, and outrageous could be This can be applied for all areas of life. I sometimes even use them to compete against myself and beat my own records! If you have a sales team, this is almost a must! I have so many ideas that my mind is constantly cluttered with so many possible things that I could do at any given moment. I have so many ideas that I forget about them from day to day.

This not to-do goal list consists of writing down everything I can think of that I want to achieve, and then crossing things off. I then hang that list on the wall and remind myself to stick to the current goals at hands.

The Power of Ultimate Goals |

Now I can really focus, and I can get to the other ones later, after these are accomplished. Planning the method through which you will stay accountable and in touch with your goals throughout the year knowing there will be challenges and lapses in motivation is critical to its success. Doing just one of or two of these things makes you far less likely to achieve your goals. Half-assing how you set and pursue what you want does not get you to your dream goals.

It only sabotages your own success.

How to Use SMART Goals to Create Wealth

If you want to find out more about doing OUR goal-setting process, check out www. I am a partner and brand strategist at Worstofall Design where we build brands that turn expertise into profit. Unlike most branding firms, we build entire brands in day Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin.

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