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Undoubtedly at Mrs. Belle was sociable and fun-loving, with a great sense of humor that quickly made her fast friends with the entire lively Roosevelt family. The steadiness under fire, good humor, and social aplomb Belle had applied to her personal predicaments stood her in good stead in her White House role, as demonstrated in one widely reported incident. At one official reception Belle and a diminutive European diplomat were dancing a bit too exuberantly. Suddenly one of them tripped, and both fell down.


The assembled company, staring aghast at the jumble on the floor, could only see Belle, whose voluminous red velvet train totally covered the diplomat. In Belle took Alec to recuperate from a tonsillectomy at the Homestead, a resort in the mountains of Virginia, and it was there she met her future husband, Norman James. James, born in into a wealthy Baltimore family, was a widower with three children. He had gone into the family business, the James Lumber Company—one of the largest in the South—at an early age and was a director of two railway lines and several large corporations.

Upon their marriage in Norman persuaded Belle to give up her work to become mistress of Overhills , an estate in Catonsville, Maryland, with a large mansion, two greenhouses, and extensive gardens. Built in , Overhills had been a wedding present from Henry James to his son Norman upon his first marriage. Norman was a well-known art collector, with a superb collection of prints and lithographs. Overhills also had a renowned library containing many rare and first editions.

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In , for reasons Belle does not disclose—possibly business reverses, or because James was already suffering from the prolonged illness that would claim his life—Overhills, the art collection, and the library were all sold, and the Jameses moved to a more modest house in suburban Baltimore. The Isabella Hagner James Papers are a rich source for the study of social history in early twentieth-century Washington. But clearly she hoped that her White House experiences with the Roosevelts and Wilsons would have a larger audience.

The portions published here cover the first four years of the Roosevelt administration, during which Belle was an active participant in shaping important and enduring elements of White House entertaining, procedures, and protocol, as well as carrying out other necessary secretarial duties.

With few exceptions, the memoirs are accurate as well as entertaining.

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News Leader. Stone Brewing Co. CBS 6. Virginia Business. Terry McAuliffe's connections can pay off for business in Virginia". Chesapeake Bay Program. That might be about to change". NBC News. TC Palm. Terry McAuliffe under federal investigation for campaign contributions". Retrieved May 23, New York Times. Retrieved April 17, Loudon Times. February 11, Retrieved July 17, What a Party! Nelson Dunmore. Henry Jefferson Fleming T. Obama left office, his team is back in the arena, or at least in the bookstores, with a blitz of roughly two dozen memoirs of their time in the White House, telling tales, settling scores, justifying mistakes, selling nostalgia, setting the record straight, attacking successors and spinning history.

Everyone who ever spent even a few minutes with Mr. Obama, it seems, has penned a volume of reminiscences , postcards from a less head-spinning era.

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The authors include his top foreign policy advisers, his communications gurus, his intelligence chief, his photographer and even the stenographer who recorded his every public utterance. All of that before the former president and first lady weigh in with their own well-compensated autobiographies. In our own way, each of us wants to reflect on what we saw, what it means and where do we go from here to finish the work started in Other new memoirs recount Mr. Clapper Jr. Some are traditional and sober-minded, written with future historians in mind; others are funny and personal, written with future screenwriters in mind.

Every presidency, of course, produces its share of memoirs. More recent years saw several archetypes. Donald T. Regan, a White House chief of staff under President Ronald Reagan , perfected the art of the revenge memoir as he got back at Nancy Reagan for orchestrating his firing by exposing her reliance on astrology.

George Stephanopoulos, the war-room wunderkind who helped elect President Bill Clinton, produced the model diary of disillusionment as he described his evolution from idealistic and ambitious young aide to battered defender of a scandal-torn White House. The no-drama-Obama White House offered less intrigue, and the books emerging from it seem neither as momentous nor as dishy. Moreover, the authors face the challenge of making them feel relevant given the extraordinary, norm-shattering events playing out today on cable television.

Some volumes have sold quite well.

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A picture book by Pete Souza, the White House photographer, crushed the best-seller list. James B. Obama but also, more sensationally, his encounters with Mr. Trump, who fired him. Jennifer Palmieri, Mr. Many big names published their memoirs while Mr. Obama was still in office, including Mrs. Clinton, Robert M. Gates, Leon E.

Panetta, Timothy F.

Geithner and David Axelrod.