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'God Created Me To Be a Slave' - The New York Times

We get there by learning to accept and love ourselves wholeheartedly: we shine a light on all parts of us, including those that we have kept in the shadow for years for fear of being rejected. We get there by letting go of the desire to control the outcome of our experiences and learning to swim with the tide because wherever it takes us, we know have the inner resources to cope.

Achieving self-trust is trusting yourself enough to take that big leap, make that bold decision, take the first step to change the part of your life you have desired to change for years. It is trusting yourself enough to step off the emotional rollercoaster because you trust you can handle any emotion with more ease.

Psalms 139:16 TPT

It is trusting yourself enough to let go of your grip on life and know that you have the capacity to cope with anything. It starts with a commitment to yourself. Because self-growth can only happen when we decide to commit to the journey. I know from my past and present experiences that this self-commitment needs to be renewed time and time again. Transforming your life takes bravery and persistence. It requires vulnerability and a willingness to be uncomfortable as you peel the layers you have wrapped yourself in for years.

Each one a new depth of self-discovery. But imagine what life would feel like if you trusted yourself enough to pursue your dreams and live the life you desire.

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Imagine what it would feel like if you felt whole, lovable and resourced and if dared to live your life with gusto. And truth be told, there is beauty in the journey too.

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Each step on your path to deeper knowing and acceptance opens up possibilities. Imagine yourself climbing Mount Everest. The view at the top will undoubtedly be breath-taking, but the journey itself will be unforgettable.

Every camp you reach will fill you with self-belief. The path may be treacherous and painful to navigate at times, but as you look back at where you came from, you will know that it was worth it. We all deserve to know, love and trust ourselves deeply.

"The Me I Was Created To Be" - The Me I Want To Be

The skills you will learn along this journey will serve you for the rest of your life. You will return to them time and time again as life ebbs and flows. This is a journey of coming home to yourself, and knowing that this space is always available to you, no matter what.

If this resonates with you and you wish to take a first step towards self-discovery, self-acceptance and self-trust, join me in The School Of Me Hub. The School Of Me hub is a free Facebook group for women who are on a path of self-growth. I created this community to connect with women on this journey at a deeper level, and to support you all more personally. If connection is important to you too, and if you are committed to your self-growth journey, I would love for you to come and join me.

Self-growth is self-commitment… make this first commitment to yourself today. Like this story? Share the love! The initial sexuality program was developed by Linda Adams Goddard, a former Presbyterian Christian educator in Midland, Texas, in response to a recognized need for comprehensive, faith-based sexuality education by parents in her congregation.

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Over the years, the camps have spread from one region in Texas to nine separate camp sites across the United States. See www. Why offer this program in a camp setting? A camp setting offers experiences of faith development and spiritual nurture that are rarely matched in week-to-week ministry settings.

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Young people look forward to going away to camp. At camp, young people build deep bonds with peers and can immerse themselves in Bible study, faith development and social connections over an extended period of time. The Genesis creation stories and Psalm enhance the biblical narrative with the message that each person is beautifully and wonderfully made. The aim of the scriptural message is to encourage young people to view sexual intimacy as a gift from God intended for loving lifelong committed relationship.

When presented in a camp setting, young people are offered a broad and deep exploration of Scripture and information in a safe environment. Typical camp activities such as swimming, crafts, games, dances, and campfires round out the week, giving youth a respite from an intense learning environment. Small group discussions in mixed- and same-gender groups give space for teens to ask questions, deepen learning and strengthen relationships with a close group of peers. Each small group also prepares and leads daily devotions and vespers. Presenting young people with sexuality education is a challenge in any context.

There are so many variables regarding content and message.