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Me Elton John Inbunden. Three Women Lisa Taddeo Inbunden. Beautiful Ones Prince Inbunden. Ladda ned. Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. All these years while my children were growing up, it was too difficultfor me to talk about my past. The immense terrifying madness that haderupted in history, and in the conscience of humankind was too painful Asmy children grew up they started to ask questions about their grandmotherand grandfather. Finally I told them a little history of the war in Europe.

The Nazis in Germany set out to build a society in which there simplywould be no room for the Jews. There was one little novelty, I recollect, which tended much to reconcile me to the change, and that was, the fine trappings my father occasionally wore as sergeant in the Yeomanry Cavalry, at that time in constant requisition, apprehending an invasion by Bonaparte? Many curious tales of those days, in after-years I recollect being told, about certain individuals of the troop showing the "white feather" on a certain night, when called to horse with the formidable announcement of the French fleet being in sight?

The few large vessels in the Channel which gave rise to all this commotion, " proved, at last, to have been only some of our merchantmen. But to proceed from this digression. In due time I was sent to school ; and after five or six years of plain education, learning 'landmeasuring and other essentials, to fit me for what I was then intended?

I left school a hopeful lad, possessing the love and good wishes of my master, and all who were acquainted with me. There was, I recollect, in those early days, one trait in my character which, from what I have hereafter to relate, will not be considered in me vanity now to mention, and that was, a love of truth.

I was never known to tell a wilful lie. My parents were not, strictly speaking, religious people. I was sent to my church, taught the catechism, and, at the proper time, confirmed ; a few days, under the caresses parents, I became perfectly reconciled but the sin of telling a lie had been so particularly impressed on my mind, that that sin I was rarely guilty of; and even to this day, that early impression, in the midst of all the complicated sins which follow in the wake of the drunkard's career, has been and the sin held in abhorrence from that con- respected, early From this I have often thought how necessary for parents and guardians of youth, or rather as the mind at that early age is fitted for receiving and retaining impressions of what is good and evil?

If such practice more generally prevailed in the teaching of little ones, I am satisfied, from my own experience, howsoever in the heyday of youth and folly such instructions may be forgotten, that the time will arrive in God's providence when the seed so sown shall revive, and bring forth fruit unto repentance. On leaving school, I commenced my duties on the farm, during? At this time, one par- ticular occupation, at which I was occasionally engaged, tended to increase my love for "that accursed thing which worketh abomination,"?

This accelerated my progress to becoming a confirmed lover of strong drink.

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Being naturally good-natured, and not wishing to show on such occasions that I felt myself above the menial duties I was employed in, I was led, unhesitatingly, to accept the contents of th'e proffered glass. From this data, and from this cause, I reckon my gradual progress to ruin. This alternate employment continued till my twenty-second year, when my father took possession of an additional farm, a few miles from the town in which he lived, intending, after realizing a partial return of the capital used in stocking the farm, to give it into my hands.

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In the meantime I was, under his jurisdiction, to manage the business, my remuneration for which was to be the produce of a dairy of eight cows, piggery, poultry, and other advantages, together with the I had not been thus farm-house to reside in, free of rent. I mentioned before, that I had always been brought up in a " belief in the doctrines inculcated by the Episcopalian Church of England," and revered her formularies,? Of this I had ocular demonstration, shown to the person of a reverend gentleman who, in consequence of this treament, together with a slight change of views, seceded from the Church, and afterwards became a popular Baptist minister, dispensing the bread of life to a large congregation in the metropolis, and but very recently deceased.

After this, my old church minister seemed to have no life in him. I in vain listened for those quickening truths, the faithful preaching of which makes the Saviour all in. The impression made at this time has never been entirely obliterated, notwith" standing the assaults of the wicked one" have triumphed for a time in bringing me under subjection to his will.

Thanks be to God, he has always in his mercy made my sins my reprovers, by using them in the last extremity to bring me to a conviction of the heinousness of their nature, in contradistinction to the emanations from a pure and holy God, whose pervading influence constrains the sinner to seek pardon by pleading a Saviour's atoning blood, the imputation of his righteousness, the sanctification of the third person in the Trinity, the Holy Ghost, imparting to me In looking back at the his spirit to love holiness and hate sin.

Evans, minister of John-street Chapel, Bedford-row, and succeeded in the ministry by the Rev. Baptist Noel. Many years since, the Rev. Evans was officiating clergyman at Milford, near Lymington, Hants. I by no means identify myself with the whole of them at the present day.?

But such resolutions, being based on my own creature strength, lasted but a short time; the temptation that beset me at the evening meeting, after the farmers' weekly market in the neighbouring town, proved too great for my weak resolves, and after a short interregnum of sobriety, I seldom arrived home from them perfectly sober.

Is your family bible valuable?

This went on amid repeated resolutions of amendment and relapses, till the third year of my occupancy of the farm, when, from the great and sudden depreciation in the value of agricultural produce, farmers of small capital were, of course, injuriously affected? This so far affected my father's circumstances, as, instead of giving me baneful habit, strong efforts possession indulgence of the farm, as he had previously intended, obliged him to throw up the remainder of his unexpired term into the hands of his landlord; so that no resource now seemed left to me for the maintenance of my wife and increasing family, but a return in some way to that sort of employment into which I had formerly been initiated,?

This took place in , and I now had a prospect before me, with moderate carefulness, of realizing a very comfortable living, and of providing for the exigencies of the future?

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This post I continued to fill without accident for two years, when an event took place which was the indirect means of bringing me to a stand-still? The before-mentioned causes, which produced the necessitous circumstances which drove my father to leave the farm?

He came home from the feast in good time, his usual moderate habits and consideration of his recent illness, ho doubt, preventing him from undue indulgence, and from the too common Would that the same excesses committed on like occasions. The very little that my father had drunk the preceding day being more than on ordinary occasions, produced?

This ultimately produced paralysis in certain bodily functions, and in eight days from this? This induced my late father having been an old and respected inhabitant of the town for upwards of thirty years the influential inhabitants of the neighbourhood to raise a subscription in her behalf, for the purpose of relieving her temporary difficulties, and more permanently fixing her in the business in which she had heretofore been engaged. This having been accomplished, matters proceeded in their usual course until the executors of my late father, finding that the coach before-mentioned, which had continued to be horsed for my benefit, was such a losing concern, that they were compelled, in justice to the junior branches of the family, to give notice of its discontinuance.

The consequence was, the proprietor having no longer self-interested motives to induce him to continue me in his employ, very shortly afterwards took advantage which I am sorry to say that I too frequently gave him of my occasional fits of intemperance to remove me from my situation. This act gave such offence to my late employer and to the of proprietors, that they used every means in their power to render the undertaking unsuccessful. This coach continued to run for upwards of twelve months, when, notwithstanding the exertions of my well-wishers and friends, the pecuniary loss was so great that it was ultimately given up.

The hope of light in the dark

I was then under the necessity, by way of keeping the wolf from the door, of officiating as driver for my mother, whose scanty wages? On seeing him, he told me "that through the interest of some influential party, he was n to induced to make me an offer of driving a coach from S W th, a distance of seventy-five miles per diem, down one day and back the next, in the room of an old part-proprietor and servant, whose ill-health obliged him to leave, with but little hope of ever again being enabled to resume his duties.

I have heard that you are given to drinking; I hope that you will show by your conduct that the accusation is false. W th, one of the towns of my destination on alternate days, at which I spent the Sunday. This town was situated in a beautiful bay, like what I have heard described of the Bay of Naples, wanting the high ground of Vesuvius in the distance. My wife and little ones, from low spirits, impaired health, and countenances of sickly hue, shortly obtained that buoyancy of spirit, and that ruddy complexion of countenance, which proximity to the seaside body.

I wonder not at good old George III. Its somewhat secluded and unostentatious beauty with much advantage contrasted with the glaring display of the rich mansions and bolder scenery of B n, and the more fashionable watering-places of the present day. This pleasing daily employment? It seemed ordained to be my curse; it tended to neutralize all the pleasing qualities of my better nature.

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The passing exclamation, when my name was mentioned in connexion with this vice, was, " What a pity! I found many more ready to overlook and make excuses for my failings, which I by no means deserved, than to reproach me according to my deserts. At the expiration of these fifteen months, the former driver of the coach, who, as I have before mentioned, was also a part-proprietor, contrary to all expectation, recovered sufficiently to enable him, by " to resume his seatand by keeping a helphis side to afford him occasional relief, managed to by maintain liis situation.

This again obliged me to turn my attention to other means of procuring a livelihood for myself and family. After six months of idleness, returning from an una great effort, again mate successful application for the management of a charity Foundation School, for which a master was advertised, and for which, from my previous habits and employment, I was by no means fitted, I accidentally heard of a gentleman, a magistrate, wanting a coachman.

On the first intimation of this, the feelings of pride were aroused in my Adamite nature,' which were somewhat lessened on my being informed that " livery" was not required to he worn. A house on his estate was provided to live in; and fortunately no waiting at table or other more menial duties were required, for which art and mystery my previous avocations in life did not at all befit me. As he had previously known me when driver of the coach, he commiserated the extremity of my position, which enforced my seeking so menial an employment, and expressed his fear that the contrast of his service with my former one would be too great to give mutual satisfaction.

I succeeded in removing his scruples, and was forthwith engaged at a liberal wage, and additional perquisites of milk and vegetables. This, to a man of careful and provident habits, would have sufficed to render his life endurable till better things turned up ; but I am sorry to admit that my old expensive and wasteful habits still so far influenced me, that some time was necessary ere I was disciplined into compliance with more frugal fare. But, thanks be to God for His mercy and goodness in adapting one's mind and feelings to those changes in our temporal condition in life in which it is His pleasure to place us.

My home was now situated at the northern extremity of a large park, about half a mile from the mansion; and many times have I looked with pleasure on my little ones lightly tripping across the park, on a fine summer's morning, to the dairy, for a supply of milk for their breakfast, and the day's consumption. The house, though small and inconvenient in some respects, with its neat flower-garden, and trellised lattice frame-work that covered the walls outside, over which crept the woodbine and sweet-smelling, white-flower- gave a humble charm and beauty to its appearance, which tended in some measure to reconcile us to its in-door inThere was one incident occurred during the convenience.

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He kept two gardeners? Whether the kind treatment my wife and children received from the family at the house, or from what other cause, I know not; but this man conceived an aversion to me and my family, which his bearing and manners too evidently showed. However, as long as his dislike was passively confined within his own breast, I cared but little for the ill-feeling.

But time, at last, as in all similar cases, seldom fails to develop the venom, where such disposition is encouraged. It so acted on him as to produce the following diablerie. I had heard several complaints coming from this man of repeated losses of different vegetables from the kitchen-garden, particularly of the loss of one or two dozen of the sort of cabbages used for pickling. As it was no business of mine, I took but little notice of the matter till my attention was called to an evident alteration of manner in Mr.