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She enjoys the new problems presented in copyright law, and writes in these areas. Hasse was a Fulbright Fellowship recipient France. JOHN A. More recently, he co-founded and is a director of eBond Advisors. Previous to her work with Track Two she was in the entertainment retail business, as well as entertainment marketing, promotion and publishing.

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Before that he spent 23 years as a diplomat with posts in the Middle East and North Africa. Montville has held non-resident faculty appointments at the Harvard and University of Virginia Medical Schools. I], [vol.

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Dulce Murphy is a social enterprise leader and expert in Russian-American relations. Murphy began working at Esalen Institute in and served on its Board of Directors from to She co-founded the Esalen Soviet American Exchange Program in , traveling to and from the Soviet Union each year to establish relationships, undertake collaborations and build a citizen-to citizen network. Murphy, frequently cited as an expert in Russian and Middle Eastern diplomacy, has spent over thirty-seven years on the cutting edge of nongovernmental relations and Track Two diplomacy.

Murphy speaks at university conferences on Russia and the Middle East while continuing the day-to-day management of Track Two where she currently serves as President and Chairman of its Board of Directors. Currently he is an independent consultant.

There are many available resources to help with understanding and using scenario planning, including:. Libraries of the future: Resources page Back link:.

Book review: Facing the fold: essays on scenario planning, James A. Ogilvy

Libraries of the Future. Resources page Sources of information and support The project produced a set of resources to help libraries wishing to use the Libraries of the Future approach. These are: How to use the scenarios Scenarios A flyer on the scenarios and how to use them Flyers on each of the scenarios, the Wild West scenario , the Beehive scenario and the Walled Garden scenario.

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