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The garden of Alice Platt can be found at the edge of a country lane. It is filled with paths and platforms along with a lush of green plants and colorful flowers. There is something special about secret gardens. From its serene flourishing lawns to its creative arches. Originally Posted by cinamaticket. Originally Posted by gardensdecor.

What could be more magical than having your very own secret garden in your backyard? The first thing that you must do is to select a spot for planting that can serve as your hideaway. Another option would be an arbor hung with different vines. You can even choose a spot with several trellises, a showcase doors or areas of wooden fencing. In order to add charm to your garden, plant bushes, vines as well as flowers. This is a great place for birds to make their nests. Include a flowering fruit tree such as dogwoods, bayberries, cherries, and crabapples.

These can provide food for mockingbirds, cardinals and different sorts of wildlife. You may also want to plant cottage flowers such as snapdragons, delphiniums, and poppies. Grow plants that can provide a fragrant smell to your garden. For instance, lilacs, hyacinths, sweet peas, magnolias, and gardenias. If your garden is enclosed then you can quickly notice their fragrance. Keep in mind that Oriental lilies, as well as petunias, have a sweet smell when dark comes. A shallow pond is also a great addition to your garden. The most important thing is to have a bench or a chair where you can sit, relax and enjoy your serene sanctuary.

If you still have space then you can also include a table and a few chairs for entertaining your guests. Let the plants grow on their own.

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After all, this is what a secret garden should truly be! A secret garden is a place where you can spend your time just the way you want it. There your fantasies can turn into realities and your dreams can come true. Let your secret garden be your own place. A spot for relaxing and enjoying.

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After you have spent some time in your secret garden, you will feel happy and more relaxed. Create one for yourself and make your fantasies come true!! Choose the best landscaping ideas for your yard. From a simple penchant for yellow flowers as a child to becoming a full-time gardener, nature advocate, and garden designer, I am extremely happy to finally have a platform for me to successfully spread knowledge and expertise in the garden.

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After highschool graduation, I took many courses related to garden design to feed myself with more knowledge and expertise other than what I learned from my mom growing up. Soon as I finished courses, I gained more experience through internships and most especially, garden shows! I also tried to join as many garden design competitions locally. For any garden design inquiries, ping me! Your email address will not be published. Our Story Contact Us. Page Contents What is a Secret Garden?

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Illuminated Garden 7. A Place For Relaxing 8. Secret Garden Ideas 9. Secret Garden Design Ideas Gorgeous Outdoor Living Space Meditations Gardens Backyard Garden Unique Secret Garden Unusual Outdoor Living Environment Astonishing Garden A Serene Sanctuary Jaw Dropping Urban Garden A cottage-style garden celebrates naturally occurring landscape features like hills and streams. Therefore, if your garden is built on a slope, work with it and install a small staircase, rather than eliminating the grade altogether, for a more cohesive look. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. The Best Thanksgiving Captions for Instagram.

Thankful Quotes to Share on Thanksgiving. You don't need to own a cottage to be inspired by these charming garden ideas. Plant mixed flowers in lieu of grass. Add an arbor. Courtesy of Rosy Posy. Use unexpected planters.

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Incorporate vintage accessories. Create a winding garden path. Build a white-picket fence. Plant luxurious, full-petaled flowers. Courtesy of Green Wedding Shoes. Add low-key or repurposed furniture. Embrace natural garden features like a hillside.

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