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Please suggest. Part 2 from my first post. Hi So my ex and I have a long history. We dated once about 4 years ago for about a year. I was his first serious relationship and he fell deeply in love with me.

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I was 19, he was We broke up because he was not ready for a serious relationship. We went our separate ways, dated other people.

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We came back together for a second time in January of this year, me just coming out of a 2 year long relationship with the most wrong guy. He was ready for a relationship this time. However, we moved WAY too fast. He immediately asked me to move in with him, and I accepted. Everything went well for about months, then he started becoming distant as his work schedule picked up he works 2 full time jobs, is training for the local SWAT team, and is selling his house to try and build his own. The reason we broke up this time is because he felt as if he could not devote as much time as he thought he could and what he thought was appropriate to me.

We talked about separating for some time never discussed how long and seeing how we both felt. When we had our talk, we talked about how he loved me, but he was just concerned about his schedule and how busy he is. He knows this is fixable, and he is willing to get outside help to try and cut some things down or to add more time. Is there a chance he actually will do this and come back? Hey , this post was really helpful. I want to share my story.

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I really like a guy since the day we met and he likes me too. He would go out of the way to make me feel special. But is commitment phobic. But his actions tell a different story. But then I saw these signs. He texts randomly and everywhere to get a reply.

But I am genuinely scared of loosing him. And would like you to advice me through. Okay, so my boyfriend over a year broke up with me 4 days ago. However, he wants a relationship with me.

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I told him that I hope this break up makes him realize what he wants. After breaking up with me, we texted for hours, neither wanted to stop. We both agreed to stop texting and not have contact until he realizes what he wants. We had a very healthy relationship and it was very successful and i miss him very much. Is this a good sign? I miss him so much. HI Tina…. I think that is a good sign…I think it best to make sure you have a sensible strategy going forward.

2. And they don't have to just be about our looks.

Great post! So I started seeing someone at work, it started about a year ago when he was heavily persuing me in summer of and wanting to spend a lot of time with me. Around August things seemed to stop and then in December things seemed to progress again, we would text all day everyday, spend lunchtimes together but from my perspective there were mixed messages and I was never quite sure how he felt and whether he was breadcrumbing me, always telling me how much he missed me but then never putting in any effort to see me outside of work.

So this story goes back about 2 years ago. I dated this guy whom was a childhood friend for about 3 months. He ended up going ghost. And I was of course crushed. I did everything wrong, reaching out and begging. Got blocked on social media. So I just did NC and decided to actually move on. And at the beginning of February he just messaged me on Instagram with a heart emoji.

I guess he realized I changed my number. HI Zan…so i think you are moving in the right direction. If he has something truly meaningful to say, he will say it, otherwise, just keep your focus on the Holy Trinity of your personal recovery.

I met someone on Bumble and we briefly dated for 2 months. He came on very strong and things moved pretty quickly. We both have children and they got along really well.

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His children like me and my daughter loves them. I also spent some time with his brothers, their wives and children. There were a few instances that were bothersome but I pushed them aside because I care for him so much. I would think he was hiding me from another woman except for the fact that I was around his family and children often. Things continued and we would talk on the phone and text numerous times each day.

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  6. One weekend our communication was a little off and I was waiting for him to text me about coming over and he was waiting for me to text him. This happened 2 nights in a row. We talked dirty often and I was the one who always initiated it but a few weeks ago I was feeling a little distance between us and was feeling insecure and worried. When I told him I missed him he said he could come over and then made it into a sexual thing. From the next day on he was distant and weird so I told him I would give him space. In the meantime I got a tattoo and he reached out about that.

    He said it kinda scared him that I got one and had never mentioned it to him. He said he is extremely attracted to me. I told him my heart is broken and he said he is so sorry. That was two weeks ago. I have not reached out but miss him so much. I am continuing to stay strong and not reach out. Do I have any chance at all? Will he eventually reach back out? Hey, EXBR: My boyfriend ended it with me two and a half months ago, while he was living with me in our shared apartment. We had a fight. He claims to still love me. Two weeks ago, we finally both decided it would be best if he moved out.

    So, he is moving out in two days. We agreed to stay friends, but he did something insensitive yesterday that made me sad and angry. I want him back, but I think I have been too kind to him so far. I am ready to go NC. Is it too late to do this?