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Aydin does listen to what others say. It is a haunting film, a film of beauty and pain and argument—but not a film for all tastes.

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Often films, like stories, are asked merely to present experience in the form of dramatic action, for the creation of sensations. Why is a man—or anyone else—responsible for the state of a healthy, intelligent woman, wife or sister, who does not pursue, with any commitment or conviction, her own career, enlightenment, or happiness? Are we all expected to be fumblers, ignorant of self and world, speaking in fragmented slang? Are artists to pretend to be artless too? Is the true purpose of the story judgment, or is it understanding? The tone of judgment suggests that of a person who wants to be rid of the implications of the story—which includes a violent act and its denouement, and then the seating and departure of hotel guests, the difficulties of making a living, the buying and freeing of a silvery white horse, the knowing and vicious talk between people who love each other, a drinking party, a hunting trip, and the introduction and demonstrated resolution of a philosophical theme.

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Winter Sleep is a remarkable film, a significant work—focusing on a few intelligent people in a remote location, it resonates ever outward. What do we want from family, love, and work? What must we receive, and what can we give? What, if anything, do we owe to those in need? Nuri Bilge Ceylan, a longtime photographer and a graduate of Bogazici Bosphorus University in Istanbul, with a degree in engineering, admires the work of Michelangelo Antonioni, Ingmar Bergman, Robert Bresson, Abbas Kiarostami, Yasujiro Ozu, and Andrei Tarkovsky, and is known for his attention to the individual and his or her place in nature and society.

Ceylan respects human mystery. His military service allowed him to see different parts of Turkey, with its diverse populations. Intellectuals—those for whom intellect and its provinces, art and culture and philosophy and science and politics, are of great significance—are people concerned with value, and are themselves embodiments of value; and, thus, are rigorously examined.

Value is whatever helps people, what contributes to their quality of life.

Subsequently, Ceylan did begin to focus more on words. The director, who wrote the script Winter Sleep and several other films with his wife Ebru Ceylan he wrote Three Monkeys and Once Upon a Time in Anatolia with her and Ercan Kesal , also allows for some improvisation during principal photography and for changes in editing and sound design. Nuri Ceylan had two-hundred hours of film for Winter Sleep and spent six months editing it. His sharp-tongued sister then starts a discussion of real Turkish intellectuals, to which she does not consider her bad-tempered brother to belong.

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From this perspective, Ceylan displays his courage to criticize his own intellectual identity, which conversely deserves to be honored. Obviously, the film is entering a native culture and conversation with its own concerns and contradictions—some of which is specific to Turkey and some of which can or does occur anywhere. Yet, I did not think of Aydin as inept or ill-intentioned, nor did I think of Nihal as cold though I did think that she had an element of anger and also elements of compassion, honesty, and understanding , and I did think of Necla as perceptive, lonely, and cruel.

Does judgment come after understanding; or is it a rejection of understanding? Is judgment a way of refusing identification, self-incrimination? What we see and how that registers depends on our own perspective—and that seems the point of both writer Anton Chekhov and filmmaker Nuri Bilge Ceylan. Both artists create or present characters who seem very human—and are received that way: one sees them as one sees people one knows and that means one sees them with some disapproval and exasperation. It is not necessary to be perfect to be good, nor does being imperfect mean that one is evil.

Ozkan Binol ended the commentary by recommending the film—as do I.

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What is the source of morality? What are the limits of moral instruction and moral intentions? Yet, later, when Nihal visits the impoverished imam Hamdi Serhat Kilic and his family, bearing a significant gift, she offends propriety and pride—and her gift does not move conscience and does no practical good. Is it possible for a man to have moral values that are not shared? Moral values have been built on religion, yes, but also built on law and manners and the insights of art and philosophy—but if you have no respect for the foundations of morality, such as no faith in, or respect for, religion, is it possible to respect moral values?

Aydin says that justice does not exist in nature and asks why it should exist in society. It is a revelation of what may be his truest belief, or disbelief, a contradiction of what he has asserted earlier and elsewhere. Is Aydin a good man, or a bad man—or, like most of us, a mixture of virtues and vices?

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His thoughtfulness, his attempts to respond to criticism with changed practices, and, finally, his attempts to reconcile his own needs and wants with that of others suggest to me someone who is worthy of basic respect and affection. Indeed, I thought him an attractive though imperfect figure. It is a little more true to say that his men and women are charming because they are ineffectual. Compounded by uncontrollable muscle movements, basic tasks such as bathing, dressing and eating become arduous efforts that take twice as long as they once did.

Nuri Bilge Ceylan: melancholy poet of his 'lonely Turkey'

Approximately 60, Americans are diagnosed with the degenerative neurological movement disorder each year, and as many as 1 million Americans and seven to 10 million people worldwide live with the disease. Patients can also experience cognitive impairment, mood disorders, sleeping problems, slurred speech and difficulty swallowing, among other issues, but the disease is highly individualistic.

While researchers do not understand the underlying reasons for brain cell death that lead to functional decline in PD patients, and a cure does not exist, they have found ways to treat the disorder. As a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Minnesota, Ince began composing algorithms for brain-machine interfaces to control communication capabilities for handicapped individuals.

To detect and record neuronal activity, he worked mainly with invasive electrodes in nonhuman primates and with noninvasive electroencephalography, EEG, in human subjects. Limitations of EEG prompted Ince to contact neurosurgeons about potential collaborations for another window on the human brain. His efforts culminated in joint studies of several patients during epilepsy and DBS surgeries in Minnesota.

When Ince joined the Cullen College faculty, his first phone calls were to members of the neurosurgery faculty at the Baylor College of Medicine to explore similar collaborations. For the past two years, Ince and his partners in the Texas Medical Center have studied abnormal neuronal activity in shallow cortical and deep regions of the brain during 35 DBS surgeries, and they have gained ground in optimizing accuracy of the procedure. Together, they have collected enough data to publish several joint abstracts and conference papers, which have led to additional funding from Medtronic, a medical device manufacturing company.

The interdisciplinary study that coordinates the efforts of Baylor neurologists and neurosurgeons with UH biomedical engineers has provided the first opportunity for a medical resident to work in a UH engineering lab. Brock Akil has made only one cryptic reference to the Love Is news.

Salim Akil is reportedly staying on as showrunner of Black Lightning after an internal investigation by Warner Bros. Nuri and Yasir, however complex their traumas and their love for each other, do not exist except as projections of Mara and Salim. Whatever healing the characters may have attained—for themselves and for viewers—has been thwarted.

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