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She did, and it glowed, showing symbols. Despite her attempts at defending herself with it, Skye was detained but inevitably freed by Grant Ward ; however, Skye, still unforgiving towards him for his betrayal, shot him repeatedly. She failed to kill him because of the Bulletproof Vest he wore.

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A violent struggle ensued where Phil Coulson and the team arrived and engaged in a shootout with Whitehall's men. Whitehall himself was gunned down by Coulson, driving Skye's deranged father into fury. After stopping her father from killing Coulson, Skye left to retrieve the Diviner, but found Raina had taken it to the hidden temple inside the Kree City. Skye unlocking her Inhuman abilities. Skye pursued Raina, but failed to stop her from activating the temple.

To Skye's astonishment, the Diviner opened, revealing a crystal which unleashed a mist. While the mist had no effect on Antoine Triplett , who had come to rescue Skye, it caused metamorphic effects on Skye and Raina. The two women were cocooned in stone and emerged with unusual superpowers. Skye now possessed the ability to generate earthquakes, and, breaking down upon seeing Triplett, who had been killed by a shard of a Terrigen Crystal after he kicked it off the pedestal it was on, unleashed a seismic event that slowly tore the temple apart.

Skye was put under observation for precautionary reasons upon the team's return from the Kree City.

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While the team was arguing about the whole situation with the city, Skye's heartbeat rose which triggered a minor tremors to shake objects in her cell. Skye almost told the others, but decided against it. As she checked the DNA samples Skye watched, growing suspicious and nervous that whatever had happened to Raina had happened to her too.

The DNA revealed that there had been a major change in Raina's biology. Simmons then told Skye she would compare her DNA samples with Raina's and see it they were the same, but that she really doubted it. Later, Skye overheard Simmons telling Phil Coulson and Melinda May that if necessary so that there would not be an epidemic, she thought it best to put Raina down. This only made Skye more nervous, wondering what they would all think of her if she in fact had turned out to have powers.

Her worst fears were confirmed when a very emotional Leo Fitz told her that he had thought he had the data about her vitals when the earthquake struck the city wrong, but then realized that they were in fact correct, that her heart was beating at an " inhuman " rate, and that she had caused the earthquake.

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Skye panicked as her worst fear was finally thrust upon her. The quarantine cell then started to rattle and the lamp above Skye's bed exploded with glass flying in every direction. Fitz immediately ran out of the room; Skye managed to regain her composure and began cleaning up the evidence of the quake so that none of the others would know about her newfound powers.

As she picked up the glass her hands were cut.

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May and Simmons entered the room outside the box to visit Skye. May knew something was wrong as Skye tried to hide the truth, but when May noticed that her hand was bleeding, Skye struggled for an answer. Fitz then returned, with fake results from Skye's blood test which he gave to Simmons; it stated that Skye was normal.

Fitz then agreed to help Skye get her things and move out of the box.

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While helping Skye clean her wound in the box, he told her that the real results were like Raina's results. He also told her that they would keep it a secret for not only her safety but also because the team had too many things to worry about at the moment and did not need something else. Skye then hugged Fitz and started to cry, saying it was all her fault. Fitz reassured her, saying that Skye was "just different now" and that there was "nothing wrong with that".

Later, Skye joined the rest of the senior agents on the sofas remembering Antoine Triplett. While continuing the search for Raina, S. After thorough investigations, they discovered that Sif had fought an unknown man who wiped her memory with a hammer-like device. Skye and Bobbi Morse tracked the man down to a hospital, where Skye momentarily lost control of her powers, allowing the man to escape. Skye's encounter with the man led to the team suspecting that he was actually a Kree , a thought that was later confirmed when the man was apprehended.

Melinda May trying to calm Skye. Introducing himself as Vin-Tak , the Kree restored Sif's memory and explained that he had come to Earth after being alerted to Raina 's activation of the Diviner. He explained the purpose of the Diviners, and his people's role in the creation of the Inhumans. Realizing that she was in fact one of these people, Skye began to panic and lost control of her powers, exposing them to her friends.

In the confusion, both Sif and Vin-Tak attempted to apprehend Skye , the former for the protection of the humans, and the latter with the intent of putting Skye down. Phil Coulson and Melinda May protected her, with May taking her to Vault D and activating the Inertial Confinement Laser Barrier to be alone with Skye and remind her of the heartbeat control exercises they practiced. Skye would not calm down as Sif used her sword to break the barrier. Skye then shot herself with an I. This convinced Sif to stand down. After Sif and Vin-Tak departed, Skye, self-conscious and hurt by the mixed reactions her powers had on her friends, retreated to the Bus ' padded interrogation room to be alone.

Melinda May informed Skye that she was a part of the Index and, as a prerequisite of being an agent with powers, Skye had to have a psychological assessment. Skye protested until she learned that the one giving the interview was Andrew Garner , May's ex-husband. Skye in therapy with Andrew Garner.

Skye constantly asked Garner about his former marriage to May, avoiding his questions. Garner demanded that she stop and take their talk seriously. Skye started to shut down and become distant until Garner started sharing tidbits about his past.

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Skye took a nap, but was awakened with May, Garner, Leo Fitz , and Jemma Simmons standing over her; Skye had caused an earthquake in the Playground while she slept. Simmons wanted to give Skye drugs to keep her sedated , but Garner advised against it. Having the others leave the Cage, he talked again to Skye about her lack of control over her powers. Suddenly the Bus shook again; it was May piloting the plane to assist Phil Coulson and Bobbi Morse against the team of powered individuals assembled by Calvin Zabo.

Skye overheard that Coulson needed back-up and offered to assist; May and Garner felt that Skye was not ready for a confrontation involving her father.

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Skye convinced them that her relationship with Zabo could be advantageous. Skye allows herself to be used as a bargaining tool to stop Calvin Zabo. Arriving at the high school football field in Manitowoc , Wisconsin , Skye allowed May to present her at gunpoint to Zabo. This caused him to hesitate and explain his motives over a microphone; he wanted the world to know how S. Zabo handed his microphone to David Angar when Zabo was teleported away. Garner ushered Skye away from the field of battle as the others began to fight; she only ran a few yards before she stopped to watch. When Skye saw the ferocity that Coulson fought Wendell Levi , who begged Coulson not to hit him, an earthquake started.

Everyone stopped fighting and turned their attention to her. Skye then internalized her power and fainted under the strain. Back at the Playground, Simmons told Skye that by internalizing her power, she broke her own arms; Simmons created casts for her to wear. May let Skye know that she was proud of her and would help her however she could. He then told Skye to pack her things for a long trip. On the plane, Coulson and Skye spoke about their bad history with parents while dining on some licorice. He also said that although he had wanted to play outside with other kids, when Lola was finished, he was so proud and ended up keeping the beauty.

They eventually arrived at a safehouse. Skye soon realized that she was brought along to be kept away from the rest of the team because she was becoming too dangerous. So she would not be mad about the situation, Coulson told her that it would not be as bad as she thought it would be. To make Skye feel safer, Coulson informed her that they set up a webcam that was connected to the base, and that May would check in on her every few days.

Skye says goodbye to Coulson at the Retreat. Coulson then told Skye the harsh truth that she was going to be removed from active duty.

Skye did not seem surprised, citing that she probably knew it would eventually happen. He gave Skye newly improved gloves from Simmons, but not without warning her that there may be some side effects. Coulson made it clear to Skye that the time in the safe house would help her gain control of her new powers and master them.

Coulson was eventually summoned back to base by May, leaving Skye by herself. Skye tested the gloves Simmons gave her, and immediately found them uncomfortable. While adjusting, she received an unexpected visit from an eyeless man with the power of teleportation. The man introduced himself as Gordon , a member of a small society of Inhumans who understood what Skye was going through.

He told Skye of his own reaction to his transformation , and offered Skye a place with them so she could truly understand how to harness her abilities.