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Are you from Grenada? Cuz your clothes are fittin GreNada right places. You must be from Guinea-Bissau, cuz otherwise how could you Bissau beautiful? Because I really Haiti see you go. Are you from the Honduras? Yo are you from India?

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Cuz I get delhi-rious thinking about you naan stop. Are we in Tehran? I might be lost, cuz when I heard my soulmate was here, Iran. Is your dad an Italian thief?

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Because you just stole a pizza my heart. Dayum, are you from Jordan? Are we in South Korea? You must be from the Middle East, because for you baby, I Kuwait forever. Are you from Kyrgyzstan? Are you Liberian? Are you from Lithuania? Because I want to run away With-u-ania-where.

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Because I want to run away with you anywhere. You may not be from Luxembourg… but how about Lux embourg-k on a new adventure together? No need to visit Macedonia… I already Skopje out from across the room. Dayum are you the Petronas Towers? Cuz I wanna see you and send pics of you to all my friends.

Are you from the Marshall Islands? Are you from the Caribbean? You must be from Mauritania, because I wanna be more and taking you out on a date. Mauritius: I want to kiss you forever, because one Mauritius not enough. I want to kiss you forever, because one more is just not enough. Wow, are you from Mamoudzou? Are you competing in the Monaco Grand Prix? Because your body is driving me crazy. You must be from Montenegro, because I wanna Ko-tor the world with you.

You must be from Montenegro, because I wanna go tour the world with you. Are you from Montserrat? Wow you must be from Mozambique, because after seeing you, I need Metical attention. Are we trekking to Everest Base Camp, or was it just you who took my breath away? Wooden shoe like to go out on a date? Are you from the Northern Mariana Islands? Are you South American? Are you from Peru? You must be from the Philippines, because I just wanna Tagalog with you.


Are you from Pitcairn Island? Poland: Are you Polish?

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Because I wanna Gdansk with you all night. Are you from Reunion Island? Are you Romanian? Are you from Kigali? You must be from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, because I fancy laying next to you. You might not be Serbian, but if I ask you out, can the an-Serbia yes? You must be from the Seychelles, because meeting you was a Victorialready. You must be from the Seychelles because meeting you was a victory already.

Are you from Singapore? Are you from Somalia? Dayum are you from South Africa? Dayum are you from Sri Lanka? Are you from Suriname?

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Are you from Stockholm? Because you really Sweden up my life. Having you in my life is like having a Swiss flag.

Are we in the Middle East? I know this is forward, but Taiwan-to take you out for a movie. Dayum, you must be Thai… Because you make me Phuket all my problems. Wanna get outta here? Briana assumed that the guy was in the driver's seat at this point. He could take her back to his place or a bar — wherever his little heart desired.

Later on that night Briana urged her boyfriend's brother to try the line. He walked over to a girl waiting for a drink at the bar and said, "This place sucks, wanna get outta here? One hundred percent success is rare in the pickup-line world. But as I analyzed this line I realized it might just work for a number of reasons:. Confidence: Of course, girls are attracted to confidence. Walking up brazenly and asking a girl to get out the place is direct. It's something only a guy who is completely confident in the outcome would try.

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The Stun Gun: It's true, when we are presented with situations we are not used to, we don't know how to respond. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.