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Even the poem "You Mustn't Quit" shows how important perseverance is through life. Zach is excited that a college football player that he has as his role model will attend his school pep rally, so volunteers to help out in order to meet him. But he doesn't think cleaning up for the assembly is worth it, and is prepared to go back on his word. Meanwhile, Sock is reluctant to help Ari find his misplaced glasses as promised because of his fear of tunnels. Plato explains that character is shown by letting actions compare to words as shown in "The Bear and the Travellers", where a badger learned of his companion's nature in a bad time, and in "The Knights of the Silver Shield" where one was rewarded based on his choices on how to see his job completed.

Zach and Annie take off on a biking trail, determined to complete it before sun down. But when Zach has an accident and sprains his ankle, he and Annie tell each other stories of determination such as the myth of Proteus and Menelaus and the true story of courageous Jinkyswoitmaya. Proteus and Menelaus Jinkyswoitmaya.

Annie gets more orders for her craft weather vanes than she can deliver right away, so rushes through them to sell them on time - then gets complaints about how they're dysfunctional.

Plato encourages her to consider what the results show by telling "For Want of a Horseshoe Nail", where one incomplete task led to a remarkably high amount of trouble, and "Charlemagne and the Robber Knight", where an English king's thoughtfulness in how to deal with people proved life-saving. Zach plans to invite a lot of classmates to his birthday party—more guests means more gifts!

Annie's enthusiasm about her family's upcoming spring vacation doesn't last when she learns her mother wants her to be a part-time sitter for her little cousins. Plato tries to explain how helping out can bring rewards, as shown in "The Line of Golden Light", or should at least bring joy, as it did to a knight in " Saint George and the Dragon ". Zach needs a 90 on his history test to get an A minus on his report card and just make the school honor roll.

But the tales of " The Honest Woodsman " and President Abraham Lincoln help him realize there's a more important kind of honor at stake. The Honest Woodsman Abraham Lincoln. Annie volunteers to tutor a younger student in math, but grows openly frustrated with him when it doesn't turn out as easy as she hoped, then regrets her offer to help to begin with. Plato tries to convince her that patience can make a difference, just like it did with another teacher, Anne Sullivan , who was forced to test every bit of hers to help her pupil, Helen Keller.

He also shows how swallowing impatience in front of others brings satisfaction in "How the Brazilian Beetles Got Their Coats". Annie and Zach are saddened to see some families in town don't have any heat or warm clothes for the cold winter, and wish someone could help.

Plato explains how anyone can make a difference and even tells them the story of how a monk's giving to those in need was enough reward for him throughout his life in "The Emerald Lizard". To Tame A Rebel. The Native American Experience. Cries from the Earth. The Legend of Grizzly Adams. The Year After Custer. An Autobiography of Buffalo Bill.

The Adventures of Buffalo Bill. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Which Way to the Wild West?

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Rangers and Pioneers of Texas. The Way I Heard It. The Long Knives Are Crying. Cowboys, Mountain Men, and Grizzly Bears. The Fairest Portion of the Globe.

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To the Ends of the Earth: Students in English 10A will work toward becoming skillful readers, listeners, writer, and viewers through a variety of experiences including the study of plays, novels, short stories, and poetry. The focus will be on a historical and cultural survey of World Literature. Students will also continue weekly vocabulary study. Grammar review and writings will also be emphasized throughout the semester. Students will also be responsible for a research project using primary and secondary sources.

Assigned and self-selected, independent reading will be a classroom ritual. The woods were posted against trespass by the Buffalo Hunt Club, and there was also the Buffalo Baptist Church and a vast graveyard that called itself the Buffalo Cemetery, Inc. The only people who live here are dead. When pressed, I am apt to explain that the Buffalo hunt is a matchless vehicle for serendipity. Chasing a Buffalo, one finds something unsought but by no means unappreciated. In June , for example, we were heading east after having spent a month in Sedona, Arizona.

We drove through Colorado and into Kansas, passed a night in Garden City, then headed south, detouring to have a run at Buffalo, Oklahoma—the large one, in Harper County, at the eastern end of the Oklahoma panhandle. En route to it, we stopped for a look at a private museum in the house where the Dalton Boys holed up. Once a posse surrounded the house, and the Daltons scuttled through the tunnel, emerged in the barn, got on their horses, hooted at the lawmen, and rode off. After logging our sixth Buffalo, we proceeded eastward across northern Oklahoma.

We were going to be very near Bartlesville, so we stopped at Woolaroc, the museum and wild-animal preserve established by the founder of Phillips Petroleum. We had time, though, for a stop at Coffeyville, Kansas, where there was a second Dalton Boys museum.


Emmett Dalton, youngest of the gang, was the sole survivor of the raid. He took a load of buckshot in the back and was not expected to live, but he pulled through, got out of prison in , went to Hollywood, wrote his memoirs, appeared in films, became a screenwriter, and then made his fortune in Los Angeles real estate. The time you take to smell the flowers has to be taken from something else. My friend Don Westlake understood immediately. I mean, you could do the same thing with Springfields, but who would want to?

The more Buffalos you find, the more other Buffalos you find out about.

Buffalo Gap Welcome Video

By the time we left Florida, in February , our list of huntable Buffalos ran to around forty. As I write these lines, we have managed to visit fifty-one Buffalos—and we have about two dozen to go. I feel like one of those physicists looking for smaller and smaller particles. The mere fact of our search must be creating them. Microscopic Buffalos, smaller than quarks and twice as crafty, are sprouting all over the landscape.

Buffalo Meadows had existed, all right; but then the railroad went somewhere else, and in the town ceased to exist.

Of course, there might still be a community there, a couple of tumbledown houses. Maybe we ought to drive through, on the rather uncertain dirt road that wanders in that direction. If nothing else, we ought to be able to log a Ghost Buffalo. In fact, it was once the seat of Taylor County, until the railroad does a subtle pattern begin to emerge?

The County Commission had to vote to transfer the county records and all to the new county seat, Abilene, and the commissioners dead-locked, 2 to 2, and the chairman cast the deciding vote for Abilene. When he got home, he found that somebody had murdered all his chickens. In Buffalo, Missouri, we opened a bank account. Our eighth Buffalo had a perfectly nice bank, and a perfectly nice woman helped us open a savings account with an initial deposit of twenty dollars.

When she found out about our Buffalo hunt, she got into the spirit of the thing right away and scurried around, presenting us with every promotional item the bank had handed out in the past dozen years. We drove off with two Buffalo Bank caps, a Buffalo Bank outdoor thermometer, several embossed pencils, and a Buffalo Bank plastic fly swatter.

We spent a couple of hours at the memorial, then pushed on to Buffaloville.

Never Miss a Story

A highway marker pointed the way from three miles off, but when you got there it was hard to tell you were there. No signs, no business establishments, just a long-abandoned gas station and a dozen or so scattered houses. We took a picture in front of the gas station, not one of our choicer photo ops.

Club News 2/9/2017

Three girls, probably eleven or twelve years old, came to see what we were up to. We asked them what they could tell us about Buffaloville. No, it was terrible, they said. They were all from elsewhere and would have preferred to be anywhere else. There was nothing to do and no one to do it with, they reported, and the local people were terribly prejudiced.

Lynne gave each girl a Buffalo Bank pencil, and we got in the car and headed for Santa Claus.

Through Buffalo Gap

Why were buffalo wallowing in Alabama? There are ten of the beasts in Virginia. In Virginia! I always thought of the bison as a Western animal, thundering across the plains, supporting the whole culture of the Plains Indians. There are, to be sure, Buffalo place-names scattered throughout the plains states, but why are there just as many in the East? There were two strains or subspecies of the buffalo, or American bison: the plains buffalo and the wood or mountain buffalo. There seems to have been a universal human response to the beast.

When a man saw one, all he wanted to do was kill it.