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Fidelity has dozens of low-cost, top performing mutual funds in several diverse categories. While Fidelity may be best known for their outstanding actively-managed funds , they also offer some of the cheapest index funds available on the market.

Therefore it's no wonder why Fidelity is one of the best no-load mutual fund companies in the investment universe today. Fidelity offers so many high quality mutual funds, it's not easy narrowing down their roster of outstanding funds. Actively-managed funds are what their name suggests -- portfolios of investment securities that the manager buys and sells at their discretion, usually for the unstated objective of beating a relative index.

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Here are four actively-managed funds from Fidelity that tend to outperform their respective benchmark index, especially in the long run i. Fidelity has some of the cheapest index funds on the market. Although they offer about a dozen index funds, we'll highlight three of their best passively-managed offerings here:. Balanced funds invest in a balance of stocks, bonds and cash, hence the "balanced" moniker. They can be smart investment choices for investors who want to invest in just one fund or those who would like a solid core holding to build around.

Disclaimer: The information on this site is provided for discussion purposes only, and should not be misconstrued as investment advice. Under no circumstances does this information represent a recommendation to buy or sell securities. The Balance uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using The Balance, you accept our. There isn't much we don't like about Fidelity.


The broker has always tested well in our reviews, but this year it was nearly off the charts: It's hard to quibble with a company that has become an industry leader when it comes to reducing fees. See our best online brokers for stock trading. Fidelity's got a great rep for mutual funds, strengthened further last year by the addition of several no-expense-ratio index funds.

However, the broker should be known just as well for stock trading. Those looking for research will also be pleasantly surprised. Fidelity is strong all the way around. More from NerdWallet:.

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  5. Jump to:. None No promotion available at this time. Strong customer service. Expense-ratio-free index funds. Mutual funds are "baskets" of assets usually managed by a portfolio or fund manager, composed of a pre-selected mix of individual securities. This collection of securities might be difficult to recreate on your own, but the fund allows you to pool your money with other individual investors and gain access to investments that you might not otherwise be able to use.

    There are countless investment strategies and philosophies out there, but for new investors, a good rule of thumb at the outset is to keep it simple: Start today.

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    Get in the game and discover what approach works best for you. Educate yourself on the various investment vehicles available to you.

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    Consider opening a brokerage account and investing a set amount of money each month. Maybe look into an all-in-one index fund that tracks the broad stock market and makes it easier to keep your portfolio diversified, and invested with low fees. For a newcomer, it's also probably best to avoid the temptation to pick the next hot stock or jump around from fund to fund.

    The sooner you start investing, the longer your time horizon. And the longer your time horizon, the better positioned you will be to benefit from potential compound interest and grow your nest egg. Enter a valid Email Address.

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