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The middle books focus on a journey that all the clans go on together to get to their new home.

The last two books mainly focus on a vision that "Blood will spill blood and the lake will turn red". Jayfeather's power was the ability to walk in dreams and sense emotions, despite being blind. Lionblaze can fight any battle without receiving injury. Hollyleaf is shown to not have one and later on it is revealed that either Dovekit or Ivykit will be one of the three. Warriors: A Vision of Shadows is the sixth sub-series.

The series was originally titled, Warriors: StarClan's Promise. The first book, The Apprentice's Quest , which takes place approximately eight months after Bramblestar's Storm, was released on 15 March The first book, The Apprentice's Quest, starts with each Clan's medicine cats receiving a prophecy from StarClan together, telling them to "Embrace what you find in the shadows, for only they can clear the sky".

Warriors: The Broken Code is the seventh sub-series.

The first book, Lost Stars was released on 9 April The second book, The Silent Thaw was released on 29 October Suspicion is quickly spreading across Clan borders. And when a strange apparition sparks unrest in SkyClan and ShadowClan, each warrior must decide where their allegiances lie—with their Clan, or the warrior code itself.

Super Editions are stand-alone books in the Warriors series that are approximately double the length of a normal Warriors book, about pages long. Other super editions include Bramblestar's Storm , about newly appointed Bramblestar learning how to lead his clan through hardship, Yellowfang's Secret , about a Shadowclan medicine cat who gave birth to a kit who murdered his own father and very nearly destroyed his entire clan with his vicious conquests, and Bluestar's Prophecy , about Bluestar, Thunderclan's leader before Firestar, when she was young, ambitious, and a fool in love.

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In addition, multiple field guides have been published. The guides offer extra information, usually in the form of short stories, and are usually about pages long. They include. The manga series consists of several sub-series, Graystripe's Adventure , Tigerstar and Sasha , Ravenpaw's Path , and Skyclan and the Stranger , each with three books, as well as the stand-alone, The Rise of Scourge by prolific writer Dan Jolley. Originally published only in e-book format, the novellas were later published in anthology volumes. The first book of the series, Into the Wild , was generally well-received, with reviewers calling it a "spine-tingling," [52] "thoroughly engrossing" [53] and "exciting The manga has also earned praise: a reviewer for Children's Bookwatch noted that Into the Woods "ends on a tense cliffhanger, leaving the reader in anxious anticipation for more.

Suitable for readers age ten to one hundred and ten, warriors Tigerstar and Sasha's manga story, 1: Into the Woods, is especially recommended for cat lovers everywhere". The art was also praised, with the reviewer writing that "Hudson's artwork brings Sasha's emotional journey to life, showing each moment of fear, anxiety, contentment, and joy. The cat's-eye perspective of many of the panels, in addition, add [ sic ] a dramatic, energizing element to the book". The reviewer also wrote that "a twist at the end will leave fans eager for the next installment of Sasha's saga", and that the book would appeal to young adults trying to find their place in the world.

The reviewer also wrote that "though the cover claims that this is a 'manga,' the straightforward illustrations are drawn in a simple, realistic style". The large number of characters involved in the series has often been seen as a negative point; though one reviewer compared the "huge cast" to that of a Greek drama , [60] others wrote that it was "hard to follow" [61] and "a little confusing.

As one reviewer put it, the cats in the series are "true to their feline nature," [52] leading some critics to jokingly comment that the books will "leave readers eyeing Puss a bit nervously" [62] and wondering "what dreams of grandeur may haunt the family cat. Themes in the series often revolve around forbidden love. These relationships are not allowed for various reasons: some involve medicine cats, who are not allowed to have mates according to the medicine cat code, while others develop between cats in different Clans, which is also forbidden by the warrior code for example, Graystripe of Thunderclan and Silverstream of Riverclan.

Holmes said that another central theme of the series centres on "faith and spirituality" in StarClan. Some scenes take place within StarClan's realm, with no living cats present as point-of-view characters. Thus the existence of an afterlife and the influence of spirits who have passed on and yet retain their earthly identities is integral to all of the plot arcs in the series. Another idea explored in the novels is the reactions of different faiths when meeting each other. For example, the Tribe of Rushing Water, which believes in different spiritual ancestors than the Clans, is introduced in Moonrise.

In an author chat, Holmes explained that the books never say that either of the Clans or the Tribe of Rushing Water is right about faith because both are "equally valid. Holmes said that "ignorance is a very scary thing! Another theme is that characters can be a mix of good and evil. Holmes has said she is fascinated by these "shades of gray" in personalities.

Her example of this was when Bluestar, a noble and honorable cat, gave up her kits for her own ambitions so an evil cat would not take over. Another example she gave of this is how the antagonist Tigerstar, even with all of his faults, is still courageous and fiercely loyal. For example, Brambleclaw's father is the evil Tigerstar, but he eventually demonstrates that despite this, he is not evil himself, despite initial suspicion from Clanmates due to his father's legacy.

This theme ties into the "shades of gray" theme. A reviewer for Publishers Weekly noted that friendship and responsibility are taught to characters in the novels, [54] while booksforyouths. The four Clans, normally hostile to each other, are forced to work together in order to find a new home. Other themes that have been pointed out deal with family, loss, honor, bravery, death, loyalty, and following rules. Holmes has said that one of the good things about writing a book about cats is that "we can tackle difficult human issues such as death, racial intolerance, and religious intolerance [without seeming so heavy].

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All of the Warriors books except for the manga have been published as hardcovers, and the majority of them have also been published as paperbacks. Starlight , Twilight , and Sunset from The New Prophecy , as well as the first four Omen of the Stars books, are available in an audiobook format. A reviewer for AudioFile wrote: "Nanette Savard brings out the youth of the cats who are struggling to help their clan survive and to protect each other from outside danger.

The books in the four main series have also been released in an e-book format. The Warriors website features Warriors screensavers , [95] along with videos on the process of writing a manga book and a video promoting The Last Hope. Whether it will be a role-playing game is unknown. Erin Hunter has stated on the official Warriors website that there is still no plan for an official video game, but if there was, it would probably be based on a movie version of the Warriors series, which was at the time not under consideration.

On 20 October , Victoria Holmes announced that Alibaba Pictures had bought the production rights for a film adaptation with David Heyman as producer. It was also announced that screenwriters Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger would write the screenplay for the movie. No director or release date has yet been announced for the film. In it, the spirit of former ThunderClan medicine cat Spottedleaf discusses her love for Firestar. On 20 January , another short story, "The Clans Decide", was released on the Warriors Ultimate Leader Election site, starring Firestar, who won an election through an online fan vote conducted in recognition of President Obama's Inauguration Day.

In the story, the four Clans vote for a way to survive a tough winter.

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Every cat at the meeting votes on whether or not the Clans should work together to survive the winter. The cats vote in favour of working together. Taking place after Bluestar's selection of Fireheart for deputy, it is about the elder Halftail, who is unhappy with the decision, and wakes the other elders to discuss it with them. The script was released to the public on the official site for the Warriors series. During a fundraising event in Russellville, Arkansas , Brightspirit's Mercy was performed by various high school drama students.

After going to a Gathering, where it is obvious all of the Clans except for ThunderClan are starving, three cats from StarClan appear to them: Brightspirit and her parents, Shiningheart and Braveheart, characters created on Wands and Worlds , a fantasy fiction forum, in memory of a year-old Warriors fan, Emmy Grace Cherry, and her parents, Dana and Jimmy Cherry, who were killed in a tornado in February Jaypaw is easily convinced, but Hollyleaf and Lionblaze are harder to win over.

Eventually, they agree and hunt, then wait at the WindClan border for a patrol. Ashfoot, WindClan's deputy, accepts the gift, but Breezepaw, too proud to have help from another Clan, refuses to eat it. Jaypaw, Lionblaze, and Hollyleaf then head towards another Clan's territory.

Starlight Animal Rescue

In the Chinese translation of the series, "3-D trading cards" are packaged in each book. The 3-D effect is produced using stereoscopic lenticular printing. These cards feature pictures of the cats on the center of the bookcover and their Chinese and English names, and biographical information on the back. Also produced are puzzles and cups with Warriors images. It contains information about the books in the series, profiles of the Clans and major characters including app-exclusive information such as the name of Firestar's mother , an interactive timeline and maps, two application-exclusive short stories, a trivia game, and even an amino.

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The app has been taken off the Google Play store. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Series of juvenile fantasy novels. Wayne McLoughlin Owen Richardson. See also: List of Warriors characters.

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